Should You Clothe Your Dog?

It’s no secret that there are dogs that are treated like a member of the family. Some are even referred to as their owner’s furry children and are treated as such. These dogs typically have their own nice bed, toy boxes full of toys, and professionally shot photos. More often than not, you will even catch their owners dressing them in clothes. There are numerous benefits to purchasing clothes for your dog, and numerous types available. Dog coats, dog shirts, dog boots, dog sweaters, and even dog pajamas are all common clothing that loving dog owners by for their furry children. However, there are some things you should think about before you buy custom clothing for your dog.

Not all dogs are alike. Like humans, each have its own tastes and preferences. What is right for one dog is not right for every dog. With that being said, it is important to realize not all dogs will enjoy wearing clothes and not all dogs are that into fashion. If your dog becomes upset or stressed when you dress it, don’t do it. Most dogs, however, enjoy it with little coaxing and by providing positive reinforcement. This means that you should not yell at your dog, force your dog, get frustrated with your dog, or get upset at all. An easy way to begin is with a bandana, and if the dog keeps it on for at least a minute, reward them and praise them. You can work up to longer periods of time and switch between different items. It is best to begin dressing a dog the moment they enter your life. Make sure the clothes you begin with are lightweight and fit loosely.

If your dog does not like clothes, does not enjoy wearing clothes, has a tendency to either freeze or act they have been glued, or show any other times that they are not content with the experience, you should not make them do it. There are other ways that you can ensure your dog is fashionable without hurting them. Leashes, collars, and even bandanas may be better options. With each item of clothing you look at, make sure that your dog will not over heat in it. Look to make sure there is enough girth in the chest area and watch for anything elastic around their paws.


Many stores do not allow you to return clothes that you have bought for your dog. It is important that your dog is correctly measured before you purchase the clothes. In order to properly measure your dog, have them stand up. Once they are standing, take a tape measure and measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar goes) to the base of the dog’s tail. Most dog clothes use this as their measurement when they are being designed. It could also be a good idea to measure your dog’s chest as well.

When it comes to fashion for your dog, there is a time and a place for it. IT depends on the dog and your life. For some dogs, it is appropriate every day of the year. Other dogs use it functionally. There are even some pet owners not into dressing their pets. There are benefits associated with your dog wearing clothes. If your dog enjoys looking stylish, why not pamper them with comfortable and designer clothing?

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